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Toaster strudels unleashed; why you should never microwave toaster strudels

Toaster strudels  unleashed; why you should never microwave toaster strudels

Toaster strudels ,its available in many icing flavors and has been delighting us since childhood because of its texture and crunchiness,

As the name suggests is meant to be made in toaster , but what can we do if we don’t have a toaster? what options we have ?

You don’t need to worry about it anymore we have done some research on it …In this blog we will discuss ,, why we should never microwave toaster strudels..

Why you should not microwave toaster strudels

Toaster strudels when microwaved , they turned out to be;

  • soggy
  • flaky
  • cooked unevenly

After microwaving you will get these results and will be very disappointed, the first thing to microwave strudels is to have a look at what we are microwaving for??

if you’re doing this just to thaw frozen strudels then it’s good to go, thawing strudels means putting strudels out of freezer for sometime , but if you are in hurry and don’t have time to wait for strudel to thaw , you can use microwave thawing process ;

In this microwaving strudel for about 1 minute is recommended. after this you can easily toast it in toaster or in conventional oven.

Toaster strudels  unleashed; why you should never microwave toaster strudels

Right way to toast toaster strudels

As the name indicates the right method is use toaster , toaster oven conventional or oven. step involved are:

  • Adjusting temperatures for desired crispiness.
  • picking right flavour for icing .
  • letting them cool slightly before icing.
  • mixing it with other breakfast options.
  • turning it into a dessert.
  • using different toping options like maple syrup , whipped cream or nutella etc.

How to microwave Toaster strudels:

If you don’t have other option than microwave then follow these instructions because temperature is the key in this whole process,

if not correctly followed you might get disappointing results. steps involved in this process are very straight forward and easy,

  1. Remove cover from frozen strudels
  2. place strudels in microwave safe dish
  3. never microwave its icing , it may explode
  4. put it in microwave
  5. for one side set time 30 seconds then flip strudels carefully ( it may break ), then again set time 30 seconds.
  6. done , ready to serve , enjoy it with icing .

Mostly people who are fan of toaster strudels are are also fond of waffles , you can also read instructions about microwaving waffles, by following link.


Microwaving toaster strudels is not recommended , you can follow our instructions for best results. They are meant to be toasted in toaster and instructions are

now we just want to hear from you ? what results you got after microwaving strudels?

Can I air fry toaster strudels?

Yes, an air fryer works exactly like convectional oven , can be used as alternate of toaster.

Is toaster strudel a pastry?

yes, It is a pastry brand ,have icing inside , after achieving desired crunchiness in toaster , wait for a while then spread icing and enjoy.

What should be the temperature setting of air fryer for strudel?

Temperature should be 300degrees fahrenheit

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