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Soothing secrets; microwaving towel?? myth solved

It sounds weird to microwave a towel but ,when we talk about its benefits, we got surprised to see that warm towel in microwave is amazing and can do wonders.

you may think at this point ,

why to microwave towel?

You might be wondering what a microwaved towel can do? but, from skin care to cleaning, to muscular ache relief to colicky baby relief to periods pain reduction …….it it going to give you solution to all.

microwaving towel myth solved/

How to microwave towel?

the first thing come into mind at this point is towel is to be microwave dry or wet, if you have the same confusion , we have the solution :

Microwaving dry towel:

microwaving dry towel is dangerous , not recommended by experts for few reasons ;

  1. fire hazard due to flammability of towel fabric
  2. handling concern , because after microwaving it will become so hot ,can burn your hands if you touch it.
  3. can cause damage to microwave.
  4. it is recommended not to microwave dry towel for more than 4 minutes .

Microwaving wet towel:

microwaving wet towel is a good idea , few steps involved are:

  1. firstly preparing the towel/ soaking with water and then wring it thoroughly.
  2. folding it in accordance with your microwave size
  3. setting duration and adjust temperature
  4. flip the side of towel after 1 minute for even heating
  5. check to prevent overheating.

Time guidelines for multi purposes:

purposemicrowave time
Muscle ache2 minutes to 4 minutes maximum
baby colic relief2 minutes to 3 minutes maximum
face pack 1 minute to 2 minute maximum
periods pain relief2 minutes to 5 minutes maximum
cleaning purposes2 minutes to 3 minutes maximum
spa like feeling in cold 2 minutes to 5 minutes maximum
towel on face/

Tips and tricks:

For microwaving towel for face always check temperature of towel , and you should know about skin sensitivity , people with face cuts or dry patches on skin should avoid this .

If you want to do this on face always apply moisturizer.

For colicky baby, apply olive oil before putting warm towel on belly this will give instant relief.

For muscle ache and soreness it is recommended to apply essential oils on warm towel for Aromatherapy. this will not only give you relief from soreness but will also give you spa like treatment at home , specially in cold and harsh weathers.

For cleaning purposes in kitchen you can use microwave towel for cleaning gadgets / appliances , just wipe all of them with warm towel and you are good to go.

For periods pain relief applying warm towel which can be warmed instantly is an instant solution for regular problem.

when you’re in pain its good idea to microwave towel instantly rather than heating water first and arranging bottle etc for pain relief.

baby colic relief/

Alternate solutions:

If you are in hurry then microwaving wet towel is a good option , but alternatively hair dryer can be used to warm the towel .


There are therapeutic and health benefits involved in warming towels also leads to pain management and relaxation.


What happen if you put dry towel in microwave?

Dry towel in microwave is dangerous , it can damage towel and microwave oven too, if microwaved not more than 4 minutes.

Does high heat ruins towel?

Yes, if it is to be washed with very warm water, color of towel may be damaged .

Why do hot towels feel good?

Hot towels on face increases blood circulation , produces steam , hence cleanses skin and can remove dirt and blackheads from face.

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