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Microwaving frozen waffles like a pro: A crispy comeback

Waffle is great food for breakfast especially when we are late for work and time is short then the first option that comes in our mind is microwaving frozen waffles. But first thing comes in our mind is that will waffles come out fresh and crispy as it was before??

Answer to this is ;

Absolutely , but there are some guidelines to follow before microwaving.

How to reheat waffle? a complete guide

Here are few steps involved in reheating frozen waffles

Prepping waffles before microwaving

Its important to take out frozen waffle from fridge atleast 5_10 minutes before microwaving , this process is called Thawing .

One thing which is important to note is that thawing (taking out frozen food from freezer before cooking) can lead to promote bacterial growth in food , so it should be microwaved immediately after taking out of freezer.

There are some types of thawing

  • Refrigerator thawing
  • microwave thawing
  • cold water thawing

We will only discuss our concerned thawing which is currently required for frozen waffle. i-e refrigerator thawing .

Microwaving techniques

There are few steps involved in microwaving frozen waffles , As our objective is to not only reheating waffles but also ensuring its good taste.

Waffle at a time2 Maximum on a plate
For high wattage microwave timing1 – 3 minutes
time intervals during microwaving25 to30 seconds
Paper placementparchment paper or butter paper
For crispinessMicrowave safe plate or microwave crisper tray
Adding moisturerecommended to cover with damp paper towel

Microwaving techniques

There are few steps involved in microwaving frozen waffles , As our objective is to not only reheating waffles but also ensuring its good taste.

Here is a flow chart to describe correct way of microwaving:

Crispy comeback: Microwaving waffles like a pro

Different types of frozen waffles are available according to our needs.

  • 365 organic homestyle waffles homestyle waffles
  • VAN’s gluten free original waffles etc

But we are here to tell you either microwaving frozen waffle is a good option or not?

Why to reheat waffle in microwave?

Reheating waffles in microwave is a good option because, when we have less time we go for microwaving as we need to preheat the toaster and what if we don’t have toaster , we can use microwave to make up for the lack of toaster.

Here are few suggestions at this point

  • Tasting for warmth suggestions
  • Topping suggestions

Tasting for warmth suggestion:

For warmth ,I would recommend you to poke a fork at its corner if it turns out quickly and if you feel its crunchiness then its completely done and good to go.

But if , its turns out to be soggy it means it needs to be reheated after one flip , go ahead to microwave for another 25 seconds.

Topping suggestions

There are lots of topping options available at our end , but for breakfast and in hurry just keep it simple and healthy.

  • Butter topping with fried egg
  • maple syrup
  • Banana slices /berries
  • chocolate syrup
  • Nutella
  • whipped cream /ice cream
  • chocolate chips / cinnamon powder, how to reheat waffles in microwave

Alternate options other than microwave

As we know that microwaving frozen waffles is not as simple as it looks , waffles if not reheated properly in microwave can become soggy but also taste like mushy uncooked cake .

For oven guidelines some tips are :

  • pre heat oven for 5 minutes at least before putting waffles in it
  • don’t put waffles on baking tray with paper on it
  • place it directly on wire rack (built in ) oven
  • bake waffles for 55 -10 minutes maximum for crunchiness and better color.


waffles are a good breakfast meal can be made from scratch at home but buying ready made is a good option , frozen waffles can stay fresh frozen for long time unless kept in same wrap or original packaging without being opened.


What is the best way to heat up the frozen waffle?

The best way to reheat frozen waffle is by oven and toaster .

Are frozen waffles already cooked?

yes, frozen waffles are cooked and can be eaten after reheating in microwave, toaster and oven .

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