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“Microwaving Domino’s Pasta: Quick Tips”

Reheating leftover pasta in microwave seems to be so easy, but what confuses us is whether it will hold up to its taste ?

will it stay the way its should be? should I warm up? and how much time should it take?

In this confusion I kept on checking it and then I got the solution . here is all you need to know about microwaving pasta

How to microwave Domino’s pasta ? some easy steps

Some easy steps involved in this whole process are

  • Prep your pasta ( it should be taken out of fridge atleast 5 minutes before)
  • Remove all the toppings either its any sort of cheese like parmesan or mozzarella, parsleys ,olives etc.
  • Transfer it in microwave safe bowl or plate.
  • Covering pasta with damp paper towel to avoid dried & burnt texture of pasta.
  • Select reheating time for first 30 seconds and then for 1 minute more
  • Check temperature and ansure it has killed all bacteria of food (make sure pasta has been heated properly).
  • stir for once
  • Ready to serve

Reheating pasta can change its taste and texture , so, its good idea to adjust your expectations accordingly.

pasta permivera

How to reheat Dominos pasta ? Microwave vs Oven

As a cooking expert and a chef , I am never in favor of heating leftover pasta (it can be either pasta primavera, fettuccine alfredo or any other pasta) in microwave .

I always prefer oven over microwave because in oven except Rotisserie ovens there is convection system in oven ,

which not only heats up our pasta but also removes moisture and bacteria and also bring color to it .

Here is a table which can be followed to check temperatures to timings suitable for Domino’s pasta.

Microwave30 sec to 2 minutesno preheating required
Oven10-12 minutes350 degree F
preheating required for 2 minutes

Tips and tricks:

Here is a flow chart diagram to give you instructions about using microwave safely.

Are Domino’s pasta bowls microwaveable ? what you need to know

Answer to this is yes, Domino’s pasta bowls are convenient and safe to use, that allow you to cook, reheat and serve .

dominos pasta bowl

As Domino’s pasta bowls are made up of Aluminum, while putting aluminum bowls in microwave ,we have some confusions in our mind :

will it not catch up fire? ..Absolutely not , As it is a zap and it is not fully covered with aluminum foil

Will it damage the microwave?……. Not really

will the pasta in Aluminum bowl combine with radiations of microwave to reduce the food value of the pasta?

Answer to these confusions is very simple ,According to American food safety agencies ,Before using Aluminum foil in microwave oven there are some guidelines to follow,

Aluminum is a metal and metal has the property that if may reflect just like mirror , when it comes in contact with microwave radiations it can cause spark.

It is recommended to shift pasta from microwave safe dish (Microwave safe dishes include Pyrex dishes, oven safe plastic , marble, bone china etc and then heat it.


Is it safe to reheat pasta ?

Yes, it is safe but according to food standard agencies food should be heated once not twice or thrice ,
because heating food again and again can harm foods nutritional value.

Can you reheat creamy pasta in microwave?

Yes, pastas like alfredo or fettuccine are creamy types of pastas,
they can be microwaved easily but adding some spoons of milk and cream is recommended to avoid dry texture of pasta.

what is the best way to reheat pasta?

For pastas with sauces in it must be heated on stove or induction,
for plain pastas we recommend microwave and for cheesy pasta we recommend ovens as it retains its color and crunchiness.

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