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Is Pyrex microwave safe?

Absolutely yes, Pyrex glass ware is generally known for its heat resistant properties , they can withstand high temperatures . Pyrex has been approved by FDA ,has been declared as Safe for human consumption. Temperature guidelines for Pyrex are in the table below.

Pyrex dishes can withstand oven temperatures up to 230-260 degree C
freezercan easily withstand freezing temperatures without cracking
microwavesafe for microwave , follow instructions to prevent thermal shock
room temperaturePyrex is safe at room temperature, suitable to serve and store

Using Pyrex in microwave:

Pyrex is designed for its heat resistant properties due to Borosilicate glass used in its making, but in microwave we should follow instructions to prevent Thermal shock.

Thermal shock in microwave means taking Pyrex dish from freezer and placing it instantly in freezer can cause Pyrex dish to break .They can withstand higher temperatures but some models and lines may show some variations.

1.Check for microwave safe symbols:

Always check for microwave safe sign on it. Although Pyrex products are microwave safe but older products are not microwave safe ..

microwave safe symbols.

2.check for cracks:

Always check for cracks on the dish , if there is any crack do not place it in microwave because breakage of dish may cause lot of botheration of cleaning afterwards.

3.Avoid sudden temperature changes:

If you take out Pyrex dish from freezer and place it directly in hot oven or microwave , this may cause breakage of Pyrex dish .This is thermal shock for Pyrex dishes.. to avoid this situation Thawing is preferred.

Thawing means placement of food items at room temperature or fridge for some time before further processing, like microwaving, baking etc

4.Removing cover or lid:

Before putting in microwave always remove it cover to attain even heating of food content.

5.Covering Pyrex dish with microwave safe lid:

Always cover dish with microwave safe lid, if you dint have microwave safe plate or cover then microwave safe wax paper can also be used , but avoid using plastic covers because they are very damaging for health.

6.Stir food thoroughly:

stirring food in Pyrex dish is preferred to avoid un even heating.

7. Monitoring:

Monitoring Pyrex dish in microwave is important , because in case of bubbling, sudden spark or crackling you instantly turn off the power supply to microwave.

8.Handling with mitts:

Handling carefully after microwaving Pyrex glass dishes can save you from burning .use oven mitts to avoid such situation.

9.Let it stand:

Let the warm dish be in microwave for one or two minutes .

10.washing instructions:

Avoid drastic temperature changes during washing dishes taken out from microwave oven to avoid thermal shock .let it cool to room temperature before washing it with soap solutions.

Alternatives of Pyrex dishes:

Alternatives of Pyrex dishes that are also microwave safe are:

1.Borosilicate glass wares, eg brands like SIMAX and Borcam.

2.Glass bake wares of other brands: like Anchor hocking and Libbey

3.Ceramic cook and bake wares , they are not only safe for microwave also safe for oven for baking .

4.Stonewares: Another option is use of stone wares brands like Le Creuset and Emile Henry offer high quality stone ware options.

5. Silicon wares: Another flexible and alternative to Pyrex is silicon wares.

6. cast iron pans are also one healthy option , check can we use them in microwave ??

7.If you are fan of Mexican cuisines , then read how to reheat Chipotle bowls in microwave


By following safety instructions for microwave you can confidently use Pyrex dishes in microwave without compromising on safety and integrity of your favorite glass ware.

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