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The answer to this daily household question is No…The cast iron is a multi purpose dish to be used for different purposes but putting cast iron in the microwave is crucial , that’s why it is not recommended.

Cast iron pan has a metallic nature and metal in microwave can cause a blast, microwave works by passing electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic  waves in contact with metal can spark ,and may cause potential damage to your appliance.

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Enameled cast iron in microwave

Enameled cast iron means cast iron coated with the layer of porcelain enamel, it is not recommended to put this cast iron in the microwave , because in the microwave its porcelain  layer may crack when it will be in contact with electromagnetic radiations of the microwave. 

Guidelines to use cast iron pan in microwave

Always check instructions before use

Cast iron pans are very effective pans , they are multipurpose pans , but before putting them in microwave instruction manual must be read .i

Microwave safe materials

They never fall in the category of microwave safe materials, other materials like glass, ceramic , microwave safe plastics should be used ..

Cast iron in convection microwave

Cast iron pan can be conveniently used in convection microwaves but some guidelines must be followed for example.

1.Material of cast iron handle , either it is wood or plastic( if plastic is microwave safe or not)? 

2.Size of pan 

3. Always read instruction manual 

4 seasoning of cast iron must be ensured safe

5. Temperature shouldn’t exceed the limit. It may harm not only your microwave but also the seasoning of the cast iron pan can be compromised .

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Cast iron in oven

The best possible place for cast iron is no doubt is the oven .To give a crunchy texture to your food and to give that crazy caramel color to your food , a cast iron pan in the oven is always good to go.

In the case of cooking with cast iron pans, there are some temperature guidelines that need to be followed,don’t worry honey…we have put together a table for your reference,

so you won’t get overwhelmed by the temperature settings in the oven.

Temperature guidelines for oven
Temperature settingsdishtemp
From low to medium heat casseroles, braises and baked goods350f-170c
Form medium to high heatroasting and baking goes well in cast iron pans350 F to 450F
170C to 230C
For high temperaturemust be avoided in cast iron pan it may affect its seasoningabove 450F &above 250C
can i putt cast iron pan in microwave?

No, cast iron pan in microwave can damage it and it may spark or blast .

can ceramic cast iron pan go with microwave?

surely not, Never put cast iron pan either coated with enamel or not in microwave.

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