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Microwaving mason jars:

mason jars in microwave

Microwaving of mason jars is not recommended .Mason jar is a wide-mouthed glass jar with an airtight screw top, used for preserving fruit and vegetables. Mason jars are  made up of glass but that glass is usually not microwave safe . In some cases microwaving mason jars can cause its breakage , mason jars usually cannot withstand so much … Read more

Melting Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave oven

melting Hershey's chocolate in microwave

Melting Hershey’s chocolate in microwave: Melting Hershey’s chocolate or any other chocolate in the microwave is a delicate process, it should be done with care otherwise it may result in a grainy texture. Process of melting Hershey’s chocolate involves eight simple steps …if these easy steps should be followed properly you can get your desired … Read more

Is Pyrex microwave safe?

are pyrex dishes microwaveable?

Absolutely yes, Pyrex glass ware is generally known for its heat resistant properties , they can withstand high temperatures . Pyrex has been approved by FDA ,has been declared as Safe for human consumption. Temperature guidelines for Pyrex are in the table below. oven Pyrex dishes can withstand oven temperatures up to 230-260 degree C … Read more