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Ants in microwave: How to deal with unwanted guests?

ants in microwave.

Finding ants in microwave is very surprising and concerning issue and it is very important to get rid of them promptly and always ensure that microwave remains clean and safe to use.

I recently faced a situation where I was going to heat food and to my surprise when I saw ants in my microwave oven….the questions came across my mind that,

Will they die when i heat my food ??

where did they came from ?

will they intoxicate my food ??

How to get rid of them…..??

don’t worry i have done a complete research on it and I am going to give answers of these questions one by one…

Understanding the problem

Having ants in microwave is not that strange thing because wherever there is a food , these little creatures go there to get their food.

some reasons are.

  • food(rice , pasta etc) crumbs/ pieces or spillage of liquid
  • warmth inside microwave
  • Entry points , cracks etc on door of microwave ovens
  • shelter, dark area
  • Ants scavenging behaviour.
ants in microwave,

Immediate action:

Immediate actions to be taken when encounter ants in microwave is ;

cleaning: cleaning of microwave is first step, just get rid of residual food in microwave, removing its plate and washing it, as stuck food on plate is the main cause of ants infestation.

Deep cloth cleaning: firstly cleaning with damp cotton cloth followed by cleaning with dry paper towel is a must.

disinfecting: disinfecting the whole appliance is very important , you can use simple 4 steps , explained in picture below.

ants removal from microwave/

Other options to kill ants in microwave is Boric acid + water spray.

1.Boric acid is an insecticide commonly use as stomach poison for insects , it kill insects by’  killing their metabolism, and the dry powder is abrasive to the insects’ exoskeletons.


2.Baking soda + sugar is also good to kill ants , just mix powder of both in equal parts.

3. dish wash liquid+ water+ vinegar: trio of these in equal parts is also a one time solution to kill ants in microwave.

Ant baits:

Ant bait is an affective tool for managing ant infestation in home, microwave and all other spaces , Active ingredient in ants bait is Borax and hydromethylnon to kill ants.

There are different types of ant baits available , liquid baits, gel baits and solid baits. brands available to cater your all needs in nearby grocery stores like’

TERRO , Amdro , Raid, Ortho ,Harris etc

instructions written on their packs should be observed and followed carefully to avoid inconvenience.

Will they die when I microwave my food?

The answer to this is NO, they will not die during microwaving food because of some factors;

size and mobility: size of ants is very small and wavelength of microwave is very large, they don’t absorb microwave radiation which is necessary to kill them.

Ants are mobile creature and they keep on moving every time and get cool down quickly.

Exoskeleton: The exoskeleton of ants is made up of chitin, which made it water resistant, microwave heats food by heating water molecules within the food that is why ants remain alive in microwave.

Microwave design: Microwaves are designed in such a way that radiations keep on leaking when it is operational , keeping glass of microwave safe, it is also one the reason to remain ants alive in microwave.

seeking professional help:

when you see that inspite of using homemade solutions of pest control and they are not working effectively then its time to seek professional help , in this out of control situation feel free to contact nearby pest control professionals.

lots of pest control services are available ;

Will they intoxicate my food?

Absolutely , presence of ants in microwave and heating food in microwave is really a bad idea as it can cause pathogens to infuse into your food.

some people may have allergies and it may cause triggering allergic reactions when come in contact with sensitive individuals .

So, addressing ants infestation is very important.


It is really crucial to maintain clean and pest free kitchen , but with regular cleaning and addressing insects or ants infestation promptly is to ensure safety of food you make and consume in your kitchen. Have healthy kitchen and enjoy our tips , feel free to share your experiences with us.

What is natural killer of ants?

Ants can be killed by items readily available in your kitchen , like vinegar + water solution , you can make it by mixing equal parts of it and fill it in spray bottle…. good to go other options are powder sugar + baking powder mixture mix in equal parts… can act as a repellent for ants.

can heat of microwave enough to kill ants?

No , not easily because of many factors , like size and mobility of ants , design of microwave , surface area of ant and wavelength of microwave ratio ..its not easy to kill them , but microwaving for longer period can work.

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